Unroot Nexus 5, Relock Bootloader – Complete Stock

Do you have the Rooted Nexus 5? Now if you want to send your device to the manufacturer for service or repair? Now at this time you have to unroot your device and restore it to complete stock. If you followed our guide to root, unlock bootloader and install recovery on your nexus 5 and now want to Unroot your device. Thanks to WugFresh’s handy toolkit, which you can use on windows PC to easily unroot and lock the bootloader back with a few clicks. The tool will work only on Windows PC and one of the easiest and fastest method to relock bootloader, unroot and install Stock ROM in Nexus 5.

So here I am going to show you a process for Nexus 5. This method will wipe all you data, so do take the backup of your contacts, SMS, emails, images and videos. Follow the Step-by-Step Guide Below to Unroot the Nexus 5!

Unroot Nexus 5 Relock Bootloader Complete Stock


Unroot the Nexus 5

Step 1. Enable USB debugging mode on your device, read the guide here how to enable USB debugging mode.

Step 2. Download the Nexus 5 Root Toolkit here and save the file on your desktop.

Step 3. Now run the toolkit on your desktop and connect your Nexus 5 to the PC via USB cable.

Nexus 5 Root Toolkit

Step 4. From the toolkit click on the Flash Stock + Unroot and follow all the onscreen instructions. Don’t disconnect you phone from the PC.

Step 5. When the process is complete and device fully reboots, re-enable USB debugging (See step 1)

Step 6. Now its time to Relock the Bootloader on the Nexus 5. To do this tap OEM Lock on toolkit. Follow the prompts until it is done.

That’s it. Now your nexus 5 is unrooted, bootloader is locked and safe to send back to Google.

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