How to Unlock Bootloader of Huawei P9 Plus

Here is the Guide which helps you to unlock the bootloader of Huawei P9 Plus Phone. Most of the Huawei Android phones comes with locked bootloader and the new in the league is Huawei P9 Plus. So if you are the Huawei P9 Plus user and want to root your phone or install some Custom then you have to Unlock Bootloader of Huawei P9 Plus. So if have Huawei device and want to unlock its bootloader then follow below guide.

How to Unlock Bootloader of Huawei P9 Plus


Your warranty is void if you follow the given instruction in this guide. We the team or the developers are not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards. Read all the instruction very carefully and Perform everything at your own risk.


This guide is only for the Huawei P9 Plus android smartphone. Don’t try this method on any of other Android devices, It may hard brick your device. So, first confirm your phone model number in your android phone settings. To do this Go the Settings page of your device and check out the “About Device” option.

Requirements to Apply

Before following the below Mention guide, It’s always recommended to follow our pre-requisites and requirement to stay safe.


Do take the Full Backup of your Android Apps, SMS, Contacts, Call Logs, Bookmarks. This one is one of the most important step that you have to follow, as we don’t want anyone losing their personal data or apps. For help on Backup and Restore check out the below mention guides.

Free Android Apps to Backup

Backup WhatsApp Messages


First you need to Setup ADB and Fastboot Drivers on windows PC. This will help you to send basic linux commands, and a variety Android specific commands from PC to connected Android devices.

Setup ADB and Fastboot Drivers

Now you need to install the USB drivers to connect your device with the computer to follow this guide. Without these USB drivers you can’t connect your device to the PC, first download and install these drivers on your system.

Download Android USB Drivers


Now you need to enable USB debugging mode. Without enabling USB debugging mode on your device you can’t start the root, Custom ROM or Unlock process.

How to Enable USB Debugging Mode



If your device switched off during this process, it could damage or brick the device. Make sure that your Android battery is full charge or near about 50-70% battery level.

After following the above mention steps follow the below mention guide one by one to proceed with the tutorial. All the above mention steps are very important, so do follow all the steps and do exactly what is told.

Huawei P9 Plus – Recommended Accessories

Unlock Bootloader of Huawei P9 Plus


Step 1. Once you Setup ADB and Fastboot Drivers from the above links. You will see the ADB folder on your Windows C Drive (C:/ADB)

Step 2. Make sure you enable the USB debugging mode on your phone. From the above mention guide.

Step 3. Now visit this page and create your Free Huawei ID.

Step 4. Once the ID is created, fill out the detail on this page.

huawei detials

Step 5. It will ask for a product identification code, (to know that dial * # * # 1357946 # * # *) fill the MEI code and submit.

Step 6. Now you have unlock code. Save it for later use.

Step 7. Now Open the ADB folder that you create in step 1 and open the command window thereby pressing and hold the ‘shift’ key and right-clicked anywhere in that folder.

Step 8. Now connect your phone to PC with USB cable and enter the following command to reboot the device into fastboot mode.

adb reboot bootloader

Step 9. Now your phone will boot in fastboot mode. To unlock bootloader of Huawei Honor 5X, type fastboot oem unlock unlock key . Here replace unlock key with the key you got in the Step 6. For example fastboot oem unlock 21084949302847

Step 10. Now the bootloader of your phone is unlocked.

If you have any doubt related to above process comment below.

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