Root HTC Butterfly S, Unlock Bootloader and Install CWM Recovery

If you have the HTC butterfly S smartphone and looking for the easy way to root, unlock Bootloader and install CWM Recovery in your smartphone? Here is is the complete guide which help you to root your HTC Butterfly S. The whole guide is simple and take 20 to 30 minutes to complete the process on your device. To follow this process first you have to unlock the bootloader of your phone, then install the CWM recovery on HTC Butterfly S and after the flash the root package to get the roots access on your phone. As we all know that all the HTC smartphone comes with the locked bootloader, so unlock bootloader is the first process to follow the root procedure. So follow all below mention steps one by one and read all the instruction carefully to complete the process without any problem.

After rooting your phone you will enjoy lots of benefits on your phone like you will lots of Custom ROMS, install rooted application and install lots of customization. Check out our detail guide here how and why to root android phone and tablets here. Before following this guide remember one thing once you unlock the bootloader of your device you will lose the warranty of you phone and it will erase everything from your phone, so do take the full backup of your device and save all you r important file on your desktop. This root guide is for the HTC Butterfly S running Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean.

Root HTC Butterfly S  Unlock Bootloader and Install CWM Recovery


Pre-requisites and Requirements

a) Before following the guide do take the Full Backup of your Android Apps, SMS, Contacts, Call Logs, Bookmarks. Looking for more ways to get the Backup your android device click here. So, in case if you lost some of your important data and files in the update or rooting process, then you can easily restore them from your backup file. Read also how to take the backup of WhatsApp messages and restore it.

b) Once the backup files are saved on your device or on your desktop, Enable USB debugging mode on your device, read the guide here how to enable USB debugging mode.

c) Make sure that your  HTC Butterfly S battery is full charge or near about 60-70% battery level.

d) Download the Latest HTC Butterfly S USB drivers on your PC and install it to start the root process. You need these drivers to connect your device with the computer to follow this guide.

After following the above mention steps follow the below mention guide one by one to root HTC Butterfly S. All the above mention steps are very important, so do follow all the steps and do exactly what is told.

Download The Below mention files on Your Desktop

1. Download fastboot by following this link and save it on your desktop.

2. Download the root package here.

Unlock Bootloader on HTC Butterfly S

Step 1. Visit the register and log in.

Step 2. Now go to this link to start the unlock process

Step 3. From the HTC Bootloader page, select your device from the drop down menu list and press Begin Unlock Bootloader Green button.

Step 4. Switch of your phone and start the device in Bootloader mode. To do this Press Volume Down and Power to start the device and Select Fastboot by pressing the power button.

Step 5. Now connect your phone to the computer with USB cable and after that go to your Desktop and open the Fastboot folder that you downloaded from the above mention link. From the folder press Shift windows Key and Right Click mouse button and select Open Command Window here.

OPen Command Window

Step 6. To make sure your phone is connected properly type in fastboot devices and it will return your device id. See the screenshot below:-

fastboot devices

Step 7. Now type ‘fastboot oem get_identifier_token‘ ,You will see a long block of text go to and follow instructions on the page.

Step 8. Now check you email account for the Unlock_code.bin file.

Step 9. Download that Unlock_code.bin on your desktop and move that file on your Fastboot folder.

Step 10. Once the file is moved on the Fastboot folder, go the the command prompt window and type ‘fastboot flash unlocktoken Unlock_code.bin‘ in command prompt.

Step 11. Now you will see a new page on your phone scree, from here navigate to yes and press power button. See the screenshot below:-

HTC Unlock Bootloader

Now your HTC Butterfly S phone is bootloader Unlocked.

Install CWM Recovery on HTC Butterfly S

Step 1. Again Switch off your device and start the device in Bootloader mode. To do this Press Volume Down and Power to start the device and Select Fastboot by pressing the power button.

Step 2. Again open the command prompt window in Fastboot folder and connect your device with computer. (Same Step 5 that you followed on above guide).

Step 3. In the command prompt type in ‘fastboot flash recovery recovery-clockwork-touch-‘ this will install the CWM Recovery on your phone.

Power off your HTC Butterfly S and disconnect it from the micro USB cable. Proceed to the next mention part to root your phone.

Root HTC Butterfly S

Step 1. Connect you phone with the computer and move the Root Package file on your phone External SD memory. The same root package folder that you downloaded from our Download section from above.

Step 2. Switch off your phone and boot in Recovery mode by pressing and holding Volume Down + Power Key button fro a few seconds.

Step 3. From Recovery menu go to ‘Wipe cache partition’ option and clear the cache on your device. After that go to ‘Advanced’ and clear dalvik cache.

Step 4. Now go back to recovery menu and select ‘Install zip from SD card’. After selecting ‘Install zip from SD card,’ select ‘Select zip from SD card’, find and select it.

After that reboot your phone, Now your phone is rooted. To verify the root, go to Google play store and download the Root checker app and verify the root access on your device.


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