Root Any Android Device Without Using PC with Kingroot App

Few days back one of our readers asked us a question “How to Root his Android Smartphone without using the PC”. Most of the Android phone user don’t have the PC, and they want to get the root access on your phone. On the net, you can find lots of tools that helps you to root the phone quickly. But most of them need a PC and without PC you can’t run those apps. Now today in this post we’ll show you how to get the root access on Android smartphone with Kingroot app. No need to run any app on PC or any other tool. All you have to install Kingroot apk on your phone and you are done.

If you are new to the Android smartphone and don’t know about the rooting and its benefits, check out our guide here Why to ROOT Android. Kingroot is a one-click root tool that works on almost any android device running on Android Version: 2.2 , 2.3 , 4.0, 4.3, 4.4, 5.0. Let’s take a look how this app works on the Android devices.


Download Kingroot Apk to Root Any Android

Step 1. Download the app and install it like any normal app on your device.

Step 2. Now run the application on your phone.

Step 3. If your Android is supported with the app, you will see a ‘Try to Root’ button at the bottom. Check the full list of devices which are supported with this app.

Step 4. The rooting process might take a while, so just be patient and don’t worry if the device reboots by itself.

Step 5. Once the device is rooted, you will see the success message on your screen.


NOTE: If your device is not supported, the Kingroot app will suggest you to use the Kingroot Desktop version to root your device. Follow all the onscreen instructions on the app to root your device with the desktop tool.


Root Any Android Device Without Using PC with Kingroot App
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  • Anish B

    Will I lose data after this???

  • Faisal Khalid

    I root using the tool my sony c5303 it stuck on boot loop now. any idea

    • uneek mariiposa

      Im pretty sure you bricked your device,,, and i think your suppose to unlock the bootloader before rooting your device, some devices need the bootloader to be unlocked before rooting otherwise your stuck in bootloop.

      • Jon Doe

        You don’t know what you are talking about, and why would you even suggest that when you don’t??? More than likely, all he needs to do is remove the SD card and reboot the phone. Then reformat the SD card before reinserting it into the phone.

        • uneek mariiposa

          Fuck off… Quit being mad at the world lol…live in the moment…unless you’re one of those that don’t know how. ( youuuuuuu jackassss ) Hahahhahahaha

          • Jon Doe

            Lol! Looks like the guy who feels the need to use profanity is the guy who’s mad at the world. I’m just sayin…

            P.S. Your tech advice still sucks.


      • uneek mariiposa

        Real funny and. Fyi I’m ave women….you’re mother would be so proud . and tried that on my one device that IS BRICKED…..OUT DIDN’T WORK ..SHIRLOCK

        • Jon Doe

          Maybe your poorly structured, grammatically flawed, and poorly spelled ignorant comment would make more sense if you were capable of communicating more effectively.

          KingRoot will NOT brick your device. It does however write a clone boot image to the SD Card, and essentially confuses your phone upon boot which will not allow it to start. So as previously mentioned, go back and re-read the initial comment, which clearly stated to REMOVE YOUR SD CARD and reboot your phone. If, by chance, it still won’t start, do a factory reset. Make sure to reformat your SD Card (in a PC) before you reinsert it into your phone, or you’ll think you’re bricked again.

          Oh, and you’re welcome…..

  • I downloaded the KingRoot here The speed after root is just amazing.