Install TWRP and Root LG V20 (Disable Force Encrypt)

Here is the good news for all LG V20 users, now they can root LG V20 and Install TWRP on LG V20 phablet. Yes, it is possible, and all credit goes to the senior XDA developer jcadduono who released a workaround to install TWRP recovery on LG V20 using the Dirty Cow root exploit in kernel. So today her in this guide we will show you how to root your LG V20 Android phone and install the TWRP recovery on the same with the help of Dirty Cow exploit and using recovery exploit. Follow this guide to Root and Install TWRP Recovery On LG V20.

Here is the step by step guide to Root and Install TWRP Recovery on LG V20. Read the below mention guide carefully before you Root and Install TWRP Recovery on LG V20. And make sure to take the full backup of your phone.


Files you need to Root LG V20

Install TWRP on LG V20

1. Unlock bootloader on your LG V20 to get started.

2. Now open the ADB folder that you created above and in which you saved all your files like TWRP and Dirty cow binaries.

3. Make sure USB debugging is enabled on your V20. To do this First enable USB debugging from setting>developer option>. To enable Developer Options, go to About phone and tap the Build Number 7 times.


4. Now open a command window on your ADB folder where you saved recovery files in Step 2 above. To do that, “Shift + Right click” on any empty white space inside the folder and select Open command window here from the context menu.

5. Connect your phone to PC with USB cable and enter the command to boot your phone into fast boot mode by typing

adb reboot bootloader

6. Once your phone in Fastboot mode. Enter the following commands one-by-one to get a root shell on your device using the Dirty Cow exploit:

adb push dirtycow /data/local/tmp
adb push recowvery-applypatch /data/local/tmp
adb push recowvery-app_process64 /data/local/tmp
adb push recowvery-run-as /data/local/tmp

This will push the recowvery files to your device’s tmp folder.

adb shell 
cd /data/local/tmp
chmod 0777 *
./dirtycow /system/bin/applypatch recowvery-applypatch

Wait for the script to finish.

./dirtycow /system/bin/app_process64 recowvery-app_process64

Wait for completion, you phone might look like it’s crashing.

adb logcat -s recowvery

Wait for the command to tell you it was successful. Once done, press CTRL+C on your keyboard.

adb shell reboot recovery

Your phone will reboot and recovery will be reflashed to stock.

adb shell 

It should say permissive.

cd /data/local/tmp
./dirtycow /system/bin/run-as recowvery-run-as
run-as exec ./recowvery-applypatch boot

recowvery patched boot image will be flashed, wait for it to complete.

run-as su

This will give you a shell with root access.

dd if=/sdcard/twrp-3.0.2-0-beta4-h918.img of=/dev/block/bootdevice/by-name/recovery

This will install/flash TWRP recovery to your LG V20.

How to Root LG V20 and Disable Force Encrypt

1. Now save the SuperSU zip file on your phone., The same file that you download from the above mention links.

2. Connect you phone again to the PC and open a command window on PC.

3. Now run the following command to boot your phone into Recovery mode.

adb reboot recovery

4. Now from the Recovery, Install and select the SuperSU zip file that you transferred to your phone in Step 1 above.

5. Now this install SuperSU and patch boot image to not force encrypt your LG V20 on boot. But since your device is already encrypted, you need to format Data from your phone once to decrypt it. If you do not want to decrypt the data, then skip Step 6th and the 7th step below.

6. Go back to main menu TWRP » select Wipe » Advanced Wipe » tap on Data and then slide your finger on the Swipe to Wipe button. This will decrypt your LG V20 and DELETE all data on the Android phone.

7. Since we wiped the device in step above to decrypt it, you need to flash the SuperSU zip once again (follow Step 4th and 5th again).

8. After doing all that go back to the main menu and Select Reboot > System.

Your LG V20 is now rooted and decrypted. Enjoy!

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