How to Install ADB and Fastboot Drivers on Windows PC

If you are an Android user and want to root your phone and flash some ROM with the help of Windows PC, then you need an ADB and Fastboot Drivers. With these drivers, you can easily connect your phone to the desktop and send terminal commands to an Android device from a PC command line. Or in simple way we can say that to run ADB commands you need these drivers and fastboot files. The tool helps in sending basic Linux commands and a variety Android specific commands from PC to connected Android devices. But most of the user don’t know how to setup these drivers on the PC for their android devices. Setting up ADB and Fastboot can be very tricky on a Windows machine. But thanks to XDA member Snoop05 who has developed a small program to quickly install both ADB and Fastboot files on your PC

So here in this guide we’ll show you how to install these devices on your windows machine and the process will take a few minutes to complete the task. Check out the downloads and installation instructions below:

Install ADB and Fastboot Drivers on Windows PC

How to Setup ADB and Fastboot drives in 15 Seconds

Step 1. Download the adb-setup-1.3.exe file from here and save it on your Windows Desktop.

Step 2. Now run the Exe file on your desktop.

Step 3. Now Press Y/Yes to install ADB and Fastboot or N/No to skip

Press Y/Yes to install ADB system-wide or N/No for current user only

Press Y/Yes to install Drivers or N/No to skip


Continue Driver installation

Once ADB, Fastboot and Drivers are installed, the setup window will automatically close and you’ll have a working ADB and Fastboot setup throughout your system. Enjoy!

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