Why and How to Root Android Mobile and Tablet

Most of the new Android Mobile and Tablets users are looking for this question “How to Root Android Mobile” or “Why to Root Android” and “What are the Benefits of Rooting“. Today here we will explain about rooting android mobile and tablets. All the android device comes with some limitation, with rooting the device you can you can modify the device’s software and obtain roots access on your Android OS. You with this way you can easily customize your device as per your need, you can do lots of changes on your system or modify the OS and change the whole look of your device and lots more.

NOTE:- Rooting can void your phone’s or tablets warranty in many cases, or if you are new the rooting process and don’t follow the rooting instruction properly then there’s a small chance that you could completely break your phone or brick your android.

Why to Root Android Mobile and Tablet

As we mention above with the helps of rooting you will gain the roots access of your device, which you will not access without rooting. Once the device is rooted you hvae the full control on your android device. There are lots of tweaks and rooted application are available on the Internet which you will enjoy after the rooting your device and make lots of change on your system.

Not only this, after rooting your device you will take the complete backup of your device. Lots of free application are available for the rooted device, which allows you to take the full backup of your device with the entire OD and all SD card data.

Change the default look of your device, if you are bored with the default look of your device, then you will enjoy lots of freee Custom ROMs on your device, Themes, Modification, Icons packs, Fonts etc on your phone. Once you successfully rooted your device, you can download and install any number of custom-built ROMs.

Last one, all the android phone comes with lots of pre-loaded application which you can’t uninstall from the phone. After rooting your device you can easily remove all these unwanted application from your device and get some extra free space.

How to Root Android

Below is the list of Mobile and tablet Manufactures which you can choose to root your device. Remember follow all the instruction very carefully otherwise you will brick your device.

1. Samsung


2. LG


3. Motorola


4. Nexus


5. Sony


6. HTC


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