Easiest Guide to Backup Restore EFS Data [IMEI] on Galaxy S4

EFS Data [IMEI] is one of the most important thing in any of the smartphone, without these EFS data or IMEI number your device is useless. All these data contain all your device most important information such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth MAC address and IMEI number. So it’s highly recommended that you backup your device EFS data before installing any custom ROM or any modification on your rooted device. Once you lost your EFS data or IMEI you will not make any call form your phone and not even use 3G data and WiFi. If you have the rooted Galaxy S4 and most of the time you are updating you device with custom ROM or with any other tweaks, it is better to make a backup of Galaxy S4 EFS Folder and saved that in some safe place. Why to backup EFS Folder, some most of the poorly cooked Galaxy S4 ROM corrupted your EFS folder or damage all the files.

Today in this I’ll who you how to backup and restore EFS Data [IMEI] on Samsung Galaxy S4. All you hvae to install a free android application from Google play store on your s4. The application works on most of the devices to save EFS data folder. Follow the below mention tutorial one by one to complete the process, but before that do take the backup of your device with these applications.

Backup and Restore EFS Data on Galaxy S4

Backup and Restore EFS Data [IMEI] on Samsung Galaxy S4


A rooted Galaxy S4 with Busybox.

Step 1. Open the Google play store application on your phone and search for the “Andromizer” application or visit this link to install the application on your phone.

Andromizer App
Andromizer App

Step 2. After the installation run the application on your device, From the main screen of the application go to the “Tool” tab and click on the “IMEI(efs) Backup/Restore” Option to start the backup process.

EFS Data Backup
EFS Data Backup

Step 3. Now the backup folder is saved on your phone SD card, run any file explorer application on your device and move the Folder to some safe place or save it on your desktop.

EFS Folder
EFS Folder

Step 4. To restore the EFS folder on your phone, follow the Step 2 again and hit the Restore option.

Hope this guide is helpful in backing up the EFS of your Samsung Galaxy S4. That’s it. Now enjoy your Galaxy S4 with Custom ROMS.

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