How to Backup EFS Folder On Samsung Galaxy Note 3

If you have the Rooted Samsung Galaxy Note 3 then you know the importance of the EFS Folder. EFS folder on the device carries all the important information like your IMEI number, your Wifi address, your Bluetooth MAC address, product codes. Once you lost this folder you are not able to use most the services on your device. Because of this, it always important to take the backup of your device EFS folder and save it some place. Most of the time when rooted device user are applying some tweaks or install some custom roms then their are chances that the EFS folder will wipe from the device, at that time yon need a backup of EFS to restore it back.

There are plenty of application and tools are available in the market which helps you take the backup of EFS partition,. Today in this guide we will show how you will take the backup of your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 N9005 and N900 EFS folders. Make sure that your device is rooted, if not then follow this guide to root your Note 3.

Backup EFS Folder On Samsung Galaxy Note 3

How to Use Galaxy Note 3 EFS Backup and Restore Tool

Step 1. Download EFS backup tool, corresponding your phone model:

Step 2. Download the Latest Samsung USB drivers on your desktop and install the same.

Step 3. Enable the USB debugging mode on your phone, read the guide here how to enable USB debugging mode.

Step 4. Now extract the EFS backup Folder on you desktop and connect your phone to the computer with the help of original USB cable.

Step 5. From the EFS backup folder run the “EFS-BACKUP.bat” file, then you’ll see a popup window like this:

Note 3 EFS Backup Tool

Step 6. To backup the EFS partition of your Note 3, type “1“. If in Future you want to restore the backup then type “2”. On the next screen, it will ask for confirmation. Type “Y” for yes.

Note 3 EFS Backup

Now follow all the onscreen instruction to complete the backup process on your desktop. Remember one thing above mention application is only for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 device, don’t try this on any of your other mobile or tablet.


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